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Literary Agent Wishlist

  • Respects a work’s integrity while striving for excellence
  • Advocate for writers of color and marginalized groups
  • Interested in representing a writer with works that range in format (e.g. novels, graphic novels, middle grade, YA, new adult, blog/personal essay)
  • Clear and consistent communicator
  • Bonus: fan of the Oxford Comma

Completed Works
I’m seeking a good home and/or representation for the following completed fictional works.

Title: “Confessions of a Candy Snatcher”
Genre(s): Fiction featuring a young protagonist, zine illustrations
Summary: 12-year old Jonas Adams Abraham finds trouble he doesn’t expect during the thrill of snatching candy from trick-or-treaters on Halloween. In November, a note appears in Jonas’s locker. Is it his best-boy Mikey, who’d fight you soon as laugh with you, messing with his head? Or Jonas’s classmate Gideon, forcing him to come clean about what went down between them on that dark street in October? Caught in shadows of joy and regret, confrontation and avoidance, Jonas begins to question if maybe the best-worst thing he’s ever done was as much fun as it seemed at the time. 
Word count: 73k
Inspiration: Confessions Pinterest Board

Title: “Three Tries”
Genre(s): Fiction featuring a young protagonist, graphic novelette
Summary: Three comic book vignettes follow Boston native Flor Ramirez at age 11, 13, and 15 as she perseveres through the ordinary yet difficult adventures in surviving the locker room at the local pool, buying maxi pads from a cute cashier, and navigating public rejection.
Word count: 1,800
Inspiration: Three Tries Pinterest Board

Works In Progress

Title: “Witness” (working title)
Genre(s): Urban fantasy
Word count: 50k
Status: 1st draft, in revision
Inspiration: Witness Pinterest Board

Title: “Nikki “(working title)
Genre(s): Fiction featuring a young protagonist, graphic novel
Word count: 16k
Status: 1st draft, ‘resting/fermenting’
Inspiration: Nikki Pinterest Board

PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award, 2005

Q: Really?! You’re a writer?
A: Yup. For work and pleasure.

Q: How long have you been writing?
A: Practically since before I could read.

Q: What kind of stuff do you like to write?
A: I tend towards lyrical, contemporary fiction featuring young people of color, but I’ve also written poetry, scripts and, once, lyrics to a prog-rock song.

Q: Where can I read your writing?
A: At the moment, here at Whole Heart Local or on my older Librarytour blog. I also produced a single-issue zine about letter writing (available by request), and a trove of travel writing essays yet to leave the confines of my filing cabinet. Finally, you can peruse my collection of book reviews on Goodreads.

e: hellopho at hotmail dot com
t: @wholeheartlocal